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What we Do ?

Work in slums to help the poor and needy to improve their quality of life.
  • Work in private(Sri Shivaji vidhyapeeth High school) schools to improve quality of education
  • work with other like minded individuals and orginations to increase financial requirements and bring more developments in the adopated village.

What we Did ?

In the south of India in the State of Telangana there is a small village which is nearly 30 Kms away from Afzal Gunj, Gowliguda Hyderabad and 9 KMS away from RGI airport Hyderabad. Named Gachu Bai Thanda, Madanpally, (Guru Gobind Singh Ji Nagar), RGI Airport, Shamshabad, RR District, Telangana, 509325 . In this village there are 50 families,i.e 300 people in numbers. These people are poor as they belongs to schedule tribes or known as tribals. The villagers are totally inter dependent on daily wages and some of them are farmers for their Livelihoods.

In the earlier times in 2007, No single child was educated in the village, they even don’t know about education. Every child was labour or shepered etc., They were not going to school as their financial conditions were very poor. But in the year 2007, A Business Industrialist name-“SARDAR IQBAL SINGH  of  Telangana was on his business meeting near to this village and came to know about the village and their poor situations. Especially about childrens that they are not being educated or not going to school, And after observing this all SARDAR IQBAL SINGH made a decision of adopting this Hamlet, this was the great turning point of village. Everything was just like miracle that someone, whom they don’t even know is adopting them and At beginning the first education batch was started with 36 childrens. At present (2017) there are 100 childrens in this group are pursuing there studies. The total school fee, books bags, stationery, uniform, Bus facility and many more financial requirements are being fulfilled by “ The Mothers Care Charitable Trust headed by SARDAR IQBAL SINGH. The childrens who even don’t know the spelling of education are pursuing their Degree educations and Professional courses like B-tech and Pharmacy etc., and scoring state ranks at intermediate level. Not only education but also apart from this SARDAR IQBAL SINGH, have inspired these childrens to come forward in other fields and for which they constructed a play grounds for both minor and major kids and childrens. And organised many programs to be motivated towards the nation for which they organized a one day camp visit to Army Base Contonment Area to Learn and know about ‘Army’ and join in Army (Indian Army). Now every child can speak in English. Since “Mothers care charitable trust” is making its full efforts to develop this small hamlet. Thus , we all request you to please join and have your part of support to the childrens in making their future bright and help them in improving of knowledge, skills etc.,

“The hands used to help others, are more better than, the lips used to pray.” “Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love.” Mother Teresa……

This Gurudwara Constructed by SARDAR IQBAL SINGH

Gurudwara Saheb Dashmesh Darbar Madanpally, Shamshabad RR District, Telangana, India.

Shelter for poor

Mothers Care Charitable trust have constructed Houses for poor people those who Don't have shelter to live and further construction is in under processing

Technological Backwardness

As we all know that 21st century is known for its technological achievements in modern world ,And now a days television is an excellent gadget which keeps us upto date and brings awareness in society, But in Gachu bai thanda ,Guru Gobind singh nagar, People they don't have television till 2017 , Since Mothers care charitable trust has adopted the village ,18 Televisions Donated to the poor families( villagers) by trust who cannot afford . Now many students are watching Televisions and developing their Educational skills and behaviour ,way of living etc; by watching News and entertainment channel's.

Computer Lab

To Learn and gain Computer knowledge for the Students which results and benefits to secure Jobs in the future for the sake of students ,Mothers care charitable Trust have also Constructed a Computer Lab in the village with fully equipped all new Electronic Devices such as Five computer sets ,Three Laptops , Printer and etc;

Apart from this brings smile on every child's face on any event or festival Mother's care trust also trying to make every child to think freely and enjoy their freedom life ,For this On every festival like on Sankranthi ( Kite festival) in the month of January ,Holi ( festival of colours, Rangoli) in March ,and Diwali or Deepavli ( festival of lights ) in October On these special festivals SARDAR IQBAL SINGH ( Managing Trustee) visits the village and donates kites , colours, crackers ,Sweets ,clothes and Books etc; and spends the day with all kids and villagers and also know their other issues regarding schools ,studies.